Senior Software Engineer

The person filling this role will have technical responsibility for the modern React/Redux/Node web stack that hosts This role has enormous breadth and depth and is the key Engineering hire for this year. You will interact across the whole stack, be that caching strategy for our global network of edge nodes while also proposing new ways to improve our internals, be that API integrations or emerging JavaScript patterns and tooling. Additionally you’ll be leading small teams to deliver features and allowing them to benefit from your experience.

Who, or what, is Wonderbly?

We're glad you asked! At Wonderbly we're making the most technically ambitious physical books ever invented. Ever. We’re making storybooks magical for a new generation by creating impossible stories on a timeless medium; like a story that is created entirely out of a child’s name, or making a book with 10,000 illustrations, OR the world's first book that shows your own neighbourhood, your own street, your own house(!) in a book made especially for you (using NASA images). Oh, and speaking of NASA, we’d like to take this opportunity to brag that Tim Peake read Our Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home in actual space.

We write, illustrate, build, design, and sell all of our products directly, and have a terrific team working to produce our wonderful products spanning from Art Directors to Dev Ops. Working together we have sold more than 2.5 million books, games and posters in every country in the world, and we’re just getting started! With the work you’ll do here with us, we’d like to think we’re on track towards becoming the UK’s most admired creative company.

Engineering at Wonderbly

At Wonderbly we take our engineering seriously. We empower teams to make their own decisions and choose the best tools for the job. There is no mandated stack and while we work together to make smart decisions, we prefer creativity over conformity.  Each team supports their stack end-to-end, from design to scale to uptime. We make sure each system has clear contracts with no hand-offs.

As for technology we choose tooling suitable for the domain. For example we build our website using Nodejs & React. Our E-commerce system is built using the open source Solidus project, written in Ruby. We actively contribute open source code, especially in Solidus (we employ developers who are on the core team). Our product rendering is an exciting mixture of tooling and languages, reflecting the demands of our complex products, pushing the modern web stack into publishing tech.

About you

Seasoned - you’re closing in on 10 or more years experience, 5 at senior level Authority - deep knowledge of the modern web stack with focus on modern Javascript development with emphasis on universal code Experienced - can judge when the situation requires a new approach and can introduce change effectively Teacher - people learn from just being around you - a natural teacher, you mentor others while leading joint design sessions and are always happy to review others work Design thinker - you have a love for beautifully crafted products that delight people Futurist - always researching what’s next and then plotting how you can take us there SEATDF - this wasn't meant to look like an acrostic poem, sorry for leading you astray

What you’ll be doing

  • Work with engineers, designers and product managers to deliver our exciting product roadmap
  • Lead to the design and architecture of our website stack
  • Work with our BI team to get the data you need to deliver improvements to conversion, speed, quality and efficiency - be that in page rendering, build improvements or A/B tests
  • Build for ever increasing numbers of users, products and transactions

Why join Wonderbly?

  • You’ll get a sweet, SWEET training budget. £1k to attend whichever conference or training you’d like, wherever you like. Or you could learn some Spanish in Dalston, it's your call.
  • We offer Yoga class every Monday night; just one of the many ways we keep centred and calm, despite the (occasional) chaos of startup life.
  • We also have massages if yoga isn’t your thing, for everyone who wants one on Fridays.
  • A lot to think about? We offer mental health support through Sanctus, where you can speak to a wellness coach about how you’re doing.
  • Childcare vouchers, health insurance and our cycle to work scheme will keep you and your family in tip-top shape.
  • We have an office sauna, showers, and secure bike parking facilities.
  • We also provide a matched pension contribution to show you we care.
  • We have heaps of snacks. Like, so many snacks. And you can always suggest your favourite new ones to be added to our shopping trolley.
  • Speaking of food: Team lunches. We nearly forgot team lunches. Every Thursday our Studio Manager, Shim, orders some super delish food from somewhere in London and we gorge ourselves. It sounds intense, but it's actually quite chill.
  • Our office is full of puppies.