Storybook Producer - Flagship Project

Who, or what, is Wonderbly?

We're glad you asked! At Wonderbly we're making the most technically ambitious physical books ever invented. Ever. We’re making storybooks magical for a new generation by creating impossible stories on a timeless medium; like a story that is created entirely out of a child’s name, or making a book with 10,000 illustrations, OR the world's first book that shows your own neighbourhood, your own street, your own house(!) in a book made especially for you (using NASA images). Oh, and speaking of NASA, we’d like to take this opportunity to brag that Tim Peake read Our Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home in actual space.

We write, illustrate, build, design, and sell all of our products directly, and have a terrific team working to produce our wonderful products spanning from Art Directors to Dev Ops. Working together we have sold more than 2.5 million books, games and posters in every country in the world, and we’re just getting started! With the work you’ll do here with us, we’d like to think we’re on track towards becoming the UK’s most admired creative company.

We’re looking for a story producer, perhaps exec level, with experience of taking established IP and pushing it to new levels to come and run a flagship story project for us. This is a classic Wonderbly release, we’re aiming to do a lavish, super high quality product using a full team of writers, illustrators and creative techs.

In addition to the main story production work there are other challenging production projects to run alongside this including working with external partners on associated product releases.

The main product within the project is currently scheduled to ship in July 2018, so this is potentially a year-long project.

Please note: We have several exciting projects for multidisciplinary story producers at Wonderbly starting in Q3 2017 to work on our 2018 release plan.

Have a look through the opportunities below and get in touch - if there’s not an exact fit, but you think you’d be great at developing personalised story products do please reach out anyway.

Other open roles in the Story Studio -

Storybook Producer Suite of Books

Storybook Producer R&D

A bit about you!

  • Demonstrable experience developing existing childrens IP into new formats and categories
  • Demonstrable experience managing multi-disciplinary creatives (your creative team will probably be 3-5 people)
  • Strong budget and schedule management
  • Passion for storytelling and children’s media
  • It would probably help if you have worked in animation, game design or another complex storytelling environment. We find people who have only done books and simple projects tend not to thrive as well at Wonderbly
  • Kind, Curious, Courageous (our three values, and we hope they’re some of yours, too!)

A note on process

Generally speaking our producers are expected to run through our entire story creation process which looks like this:

1 - Development - producers normally spend two to four weeks developing a project from the initial business / consumer brief and the goal is to quickly get a prototype story tested with consumers and in front of our NPD forum. This is a great ‘get to know each other’ kind of project.

2 - Concepting - once we greenlight for concepting we typically spend two to four months developing a story up to high fidelity. In this time we recruit the production team and run lots of tests with consumers and bring the research outputs and the overall product design back to the NPD forum.

3 - Production - once we greenlight for production we then spend two to nine months developing the final production assets. At this point the producer takes on responsibility shipping the whole product end to end, including briefing and integrating into the business across our rendering technology, marketing, manufacturing operations and ecommerce teams.

Most the projects above are at the pre-development stage or have had some development. This means we have clear briefs and maybe some ideas of creative direction. We’d expect to generally commission a short ‘get to know each other’ project of two to four weeks to start with and then we’d move to a longer contract. But we’re flexible!